That ain’t no Bull

A few years ago in Chuburná Puerto……

On a lovely evening and at the promise of seeing some fireworks, we joined our friends Carol and John from Chuburná Puerto and wandered up to the small square. We sat on a bench, watching families gather with children and dogs playing in the calle and patiently watched as they adorned a huge life sized bull with row after row of fireworks.

As is typically the norm here, events never start on time, often hours late, but we were determined to stick it out and experience these fireworks we’d heard so much about. Meanwhile we had to entice John with some delicious churros just to keep him from going home.

The men waiting patiently

It was getting late and it wasn’t until 11:30 p.m., far past our bedtime, that they were finally finished. Not really knowing what to expect, we naively followed some people past the roped off area, some might say stupidly. We were hoping for a good view. We were not disappointed.

Unbelievably a dog was chasing after the fireworks!

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