El Corchito

An ecological reserve near Progreso, Yucatan

You arrive there by taking a short boat ride across the Ria, near Progreso, into the mangroves. If you are lucky you will see flamingos on the way among other birds.

El Corchito consists of 3 cenotes connected by easy walking paths through the mangroves. There are bathrooms and picnic tables set up for your enjoyment. You can also rent lifejackets if need be, although the water wasn’t terribly deep. There was no food for purchase when we went, but you can bring your own, remembering to take your garbage out with you.

We’ve been on two different occasions and the first time we had a guide of sorts who was happily explaining about the different plants and things, but in Spanish of course and although I understand some spanish and continue to learn more and more, we all just did a lot of head nodding and smiling as he seemed quite passionate about whatever he was talking about and knowledgeable. We did however understand one part where he was talking about the 3 different trees that were present. One tree could only grow in fresh water, one only saltwater and the third could grow in both salt and fresh water. At least we think that’s what he was saying……that’s right, just nod your head.

There are resident racoons that greet you on your arrival and departure that are comical to watch. Looking for food no doubt. We did not swim either time but the water looked a beautiful turquoise color and was very clear with many little fish swimming around. It was an enjoyable, easy outing and was definitely much cooler in the mangroves. A nice reprieve from the heat.

Video from our latest visit in 2020

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