Ahead of the storm

Our 4th time out on our new Tandem Two’sDay and our longest ride to date! How far you ask?……drum roll please…..40 km! Ta Da!

Big Blue

We had a mixed bag of weather today. It started with an annoying head wind along Wood Lake, which made it a bit of a slog, followed by light rain along Kalamalka Lake. And it ended on a good note, with the sun making an appearance.

Happy faces

An observation: Fasting and riding 40k don’t go together well. It was necessary to stop and buy some snacks to replenish the tank.

Refuel stop in Oyama


  • Total time including stops 3:27
  • Distance 40.1 km
  • Maximum Speed 23.25 km/h
  • Calories burned 758 ~ Wahoo

So all in all a successful ride. Apart from a sore calf muscle for Rob and a sore knee for Leslie it was a great day. Apparently we aren’t 24 anymore!

I’m riding on sunshine

2 thoughts on “Ahead of the storm

  1. Is great amigos, you riding on sunshine and I’m waking on sunshine second time this month.

    1. We are missing the Mérida heat!

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