The Green Machine Finds A New Home

Goodbye Green Machine. It sounds like you could be in for some adventures.

A couple of years ago when we got the brilliant idea of riding a tandem across Canada, haha, we at first rented a tandem from Lake Country Cycle to test out whether we were in ‘tune‘ with each other to keep it upright. I’m happy to report that, yes, we stayed upright no problem and at the end of the trial run we were still talking to each other. Thus the hunt was on for a used tandem to further test the marriage.

We didn’t have a big budget because we are cheap, hmmm thrifty, but we did manage to buy an old Norco tandem, made in Canada eh, from a lovely lady at the coast. Somehow Rob managed to stuff it in the car, a tandem is really, bloody long and off we went back home with great anticipation.

We had some great first rides on that tandem and for the 2 years that we owned it we had no mishaps unless you count the time we were leaving our driveway and toppled into the hedge. (Did anybody see that?)

Now that we’re experts, really, the green machine needed to be replaced with a slicker, shinier tandem that could fold and come apart and fit in 2 suitcases! And thus the green machine was sold to a really adventurous couple from Vernon, with twin girls who I’m sure will make wonderful memories riding around Vernon. But can their marriage handle it?

You can follow their blog here: Restless Crusade

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