Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching

Just how much is this going to cost”? Rob and I wondered out loud. Well apparently enough to drag us, kicking and screaming out of retirement and gasp, look for jobs! And even ‘if ‘ our epic, maiden, Tandem Bike-Friday tour is a total flop, too bad we’re going on a second one just to get our moneys worth from the gargantuan amount that we are spending on gear for this trip.

Is all this ‘stuff’ really necessary? And why is it that the smaller something is and the less it weighs, the more it costs? Kind of reminds me of a bikini.

Give me a break!

Luckily for us because we are riding a tandem and will not have to outfit 2 single bikes with extra panniers etc., we can save some money. The downside is everything for our trip will need to fit into 4 panniers instead of 8. I guess I’m leaving my bathing suit behind. So sad.

By far our biggest expense and most important purchase to date has been our tandem. We chose a Tandem Two’sDay by Bike Friday which are made in Eugene Oregon and come with excellent reviews regarding both the bike and customer service. We settled on a Bike Friday because we love that it can come apart and fit into two checked suitcases for ease of travel. It can also fold and we are hoping that this will make it possible to travel on trains without too much hassle if the need arises, wink, wink.

A base model Bike Friday Two’sDay like the one we bought starts out at around $5,250 CAN., without accessories. We were able to find a slightly used model with some accessories that fit our needs for approximately $2,600 CAN., so considerably less than had we gone with new. So far we are very pleased with the bike and how it performs even though Rob used to say, ” You’ll never catch me on a bike with those goofy little 20 inch wheels.” Never say never.

And so, we will continue to accumulate the gear needed for a 2 month tour and money will continue to fly out the door. But hey…..

It’s Only Money, Honey.

Little Blue

We liked the Bike Friday Tandem so much we bought a single. It’s possible we’ll need to find a second job. KACHING!

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