I’m so cool

Nah, not that kind of cool, although I like to think I’m pretty awesome, but cool, as in cold, ice-cold, freeeezing cold. Our ride today took us on the Kettle Valley Railway, Myra Canyon Trestle section, near Kelowna. I could of sworn we were in June but it felt more like March. I could see some snow peaked mountains in the distance so perhaps that was the reason for the cold wind blowing through the canyon. Although it was cool, we were dressed for it, or so we thought, and it was bearable. But then it started to rain. Drats! We weren’t dressed for that. Thanks alot weather app. You lie! But enough of the sniveling and whining.

There are two tunnels and 18 trestle bridges on this portion of the railway and an abundance of spectacular view points, benches and a couple of shelters to escape from the rain.

A much needed cup of coffee

You can rent a bike at the Myra station parking lot or bring your own. It is only 24km from downtown Kelowna, with part of the road being gravel, so be prepared.

The sun finally came out

There were many people visiting the trail today, both hikers and bikers. We met 3 lovely couples that stopped for a chat while we were warming up with some coffee. They had many questions about the Bike Friday and one couple told us about their bike tour in 2016 riding along the Danube. They biked the trails along the river and stayed on a boat at night. Sounds like a great way to travel.

Called McCulloch’s Wonder

The Myra Canyon section of the KVR was completed in 1914 and engineer Andrew McCulloch said that he had never seen a railway built in such difficult conditions. They span a canyon a mile wide. The line is at an elevation of 4100 feet or 3000 feet above Kelowna. No wonder it was so bleeping cold.

In 2003 lightening sparked the Okanagan Mountain Park fire and despite the efforts by the firefighters, this fire engulfed 12 of the 18 trestles. The trestles have since been rebuilt.

It was a very enjoyable outing despite the frozen hands and feet. The views more than made up for the discomfort.

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