Learning Spanish

We’ve been trying to learn Spanish for the past 10 years or so. I know, far too long. How are we doing you might wonder. Well, we’ve come a long way from our first trip to a Spanish speaking country, Cuba, where we knew 3 words ~ hola, por favor and gracias. Now granted these are very important words to know but we want to move beyond hi, please and thank you and have real conversations in Spanish and most importantly, understand what someone is saying to us.

I can totally relate to this

Nothing shuts down a conversation faster then when panic sets in because you can’t understand a word someone is saying. Smiling and nodding your head only goes so far. Soon you start to sweat, your mind races trying to remember verb conjugations, pronouns, anything! And the pressure is just too great so you shut it down with a guilty grin and apologize for not understanding or being able to speak spanish. “Lo siento no entiendo. No hablo español.” Ugh! Another lost opportunity to connect with someone new and enrich our lives.

Google “How to learn a language” and you are led to believe it’s so easy!

Learn a language in 10 days online free! ~ Well the price is right!

Learn a language while you sleep! ~ I especially like this easy version.

Learn a language in 10 days app! ~ There’s an app for everything!

How to learn a language overnight! ~ If only…….

Although we have moved beyond hola and at times it feels as if we are on the brink of a break through, we do still have a long ways to go. Of course our greatest opportunity to learn comes while we are spending our winters in Mérida. We just have to work up the nerve and get over the feeling of sounding like a fool. We have found locals to be very patient and helpful while we practice our speaking skills with them. Even when we make mistakes. Like when I meant to order a “tinga,” a type of taco, and instead asked for a “chinga.” Most embarrassing.

At present we are learning with a program called Spanish with Paul. We are taking his paid online course but he also has free youtube videos.

We’ve also used Duolingo, which is free and I especially like their podcasts for listening comprehension.

Señor jordan youtube channel which I started with years ago.

Why not spanish also has some pretty good videos just to name a few.

Plus a multitude of books and workbooks. So perhaps in 10 more years, with mucho hard work and buena suerte, we can move on to learning…..French!

Spanish: Poco A Poco Entra Agua Al Coco.

Literal Meaning: Little by little the water gets into the coconut.

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