What a tough ride today. This has been the first real ride that included some hills and our legs were having a heck of a time adjusting.

We encountered a detour just after leaving home, so instead of turning right as planned we were forced to go left. Ah well, go with the flow.

After exiting the busy hwy we found some quieter back roads which was nice but man the hills! Pedal, pedal pedal. Shift, shift, shift. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Shift, shift, shift.

Our legs were not adapting to the steep inclines. After several different “Hills from hell” as Rob was calling them, our legs were screaming No more! They were complete jelly. There was nothing left in them. We even had to get off and push a few times. The embarrassment.

We discussed the idea of turning around and heading home but we are both pretty stubborn and so pedal, pedal, pedal. Shift, shift, shift. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Shift, shift, shift. I might of even swore a couple times.

What goes up must come down and oh what a relief. We reached a top speed of 57.3 km/h. I was far too tired to be concerned.

Memorial Park ~ Armstrong

A quick stop for lunch and a bathroom break at a park in Armstrong and then only 6 more hills until home.

Riding along a busy Highway

8 thoughts on “Hills!

  1. It’s good to ride some hills and busy roads because you will encounter them on tour, yes hills are challenging but I always have a great sense of achievement after riding a hilly route, well done!

    1. Thanks Julie. I think hills are tougher on Rob being a tandem because he has to do all the balancing and steering of the bike and all I do is pedal. Plus on a hill I can just put my head down and pedal whereas that long hill is always visible to him and I think it plays with his mind. But yes afterwards there is a great sense of accomplishment.

  2. Oh my! John and I just hiked Mt Erskine on saltspring and I think I was feeling pretty much the same. My heart was thundering and I was gasping!

    1. Good going you two. It feels good to challenge ourselves doesn’t it.

  3. Wow! Good effort! Love the determination!

    1. Thanks Diane. It was a tough one.

  4. Cindy Lawrence July 19, 2019 — 5:41 pm

    It looks like a lovely sunny day, I hope it’s not too hot!

    1. It actually was threatening to rain all day but held off until we got home. Was only 12 degrees this morning. Where’s summer?

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