Lady Luck or Lucky Lady

I’ve always considered myself a lucky person. I have good luck at many things. Playing games, getting the last parking spot, reeling in the biggest fish, ecetera. I remember the first time I bought a scratch and win ticket and won 50 bucks, I thought to myself, well that was easy.

Whenever I can convince Rob to play a game of crib and win, he always remarks, “It’s just luck.” Tell that to a skilled crib player. Which I’m not. I’m just lucky.

Celebrating my 50th birthday. Unbeknownst to me my boob was trying to kill me

So totally surprisingly to me after just celebrating my 50th birthday was being diagnosed with breast cancer. Bad luck wouldn’t you say…….but hang on. Perhaps not.

It is estimated that 1 in 8 women in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. After a time I quit questioning the why me and beating myself up over what I did wrong to be that ‘1’. Mainly because it just doesn’t matter.

Instead I started feeling grateful. And lucky. Lucky to be born a Canadian and to have free universal health care thanks to former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas. This enabled me to receive incredible treatments for this frightening disease. Not once did I have to think about how I would receive treatment or pay for it. Not once and not one penny.

Luckily for me I had a friend who’d been diagnosed a year earlier and who gave me strength, encouragement and most of all hope. Luckily for everyone, she too is a survivor.

I’ve been given an extra 9 years of living mas o menos since being diagnosed. Even with the cancer spreading to my lymph nodes. That’s 3,222 extra days to spend with my family and friends. Pretty lucky wouldn’t you say.

Perhaps my survival can be accredited to that unlucky, (lucky?) time I was mistakenly given a full dose for my 3rd chemo treatment and should only of been given 75% of the dose. Was I ever sick. But I would choose that full dose any day if it’s the reason why I survived.

But who knows. I quit questioning the ‘why I survived’ as well.

It’s most likely because I’m lucky. I always have been.

Lovely blanket made by Sandra which kept me warm and feeling loved

6 thoughts on “Lady Luck or Lucky Lady

  1. Leslie, how lucky we are to continue to have you…and Cindy….and all the other cancer survivors in our lives. I firmly believe that a lot of a persons destiny is dependent on their attitude and outlook on what is happening in their life at any particular moment. Your positivity and courage as you face your challenges helps me, and I’m sure many others, to face theirs easier. Thanks for being here!

    1. Thanks for your friendship Diane. Having good friends to share the good and the bad makes bearing those ‘harder’ times that much easier. Lifes a journey.

  2. We are very lucky aren’t we Leslie! Lucky to have each other as great friends even though we don’t see each other enough, but know that just a phone call will be like we never were apart. Lucky and blessed to have family and friends that give us strength and love every day to help with life’s ups and downs. Now I have another way of staying in touch through Tandemgogo 🙂 So wonderful to see you and Rob living life to it’s fullest! I think in part because of what life has thrown at us, it really is too short! You look great, love to hear your awesome sense of humour with each post. Pics are fantastic too. Take care and be safe!!

    1. That we are Cindy. I appreciated your calm replies to me, ” It will be alright” during our phone calls when I felt panic and despair sinking in. And you were right! Such a smart lady. Next summer we are bringing the tandem to the Island. Want to go for a ride?

  3. I still remember getting my happy 50 th birhday call and then 2 or 3 days later you called me to give me the news as you did not want to tell me on my birthday. We have been friends since we were babies. We have been thru all of life ups and downs together and I would not change that. I wish we lived closer but I know we are only a phone call away ( or messger). I am proud to call you my friend and here is to many many years of friendship. ❤️

    1. It was the support of good friends and wonderful family that helped me through and made it all bearable. Can you believe we will be 60 in another year.

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