Test Run

We went on a test run for our anticipated planned trip to Europe next year. If it had been the real deal, then our ride would of found us most certainly cycling along La Loire à Vélo. The birds singing, sun shining down and just a slight breeze giving us a gentle push from behind. Happily sharing a dedicated bike path with all the other cyclists.

But no. This was only a test. And so instead of cycling along the longest river in France we found ourselves riding along a very busy Hwy with semi-trucks passing mere inches away with a head wind. No view of a river to distract us or a pretty château to gaze upon in awe. No bonjour, bagettes or glass of Sauvignon Blanc were part of our day.

It was to be our first venture out on a loaded bike. A trial run of sorts testing out all the equipment. We weighed the panniers and equipment and it came out to an extra 62 pds. And it felt like it.

Our destination was to be a campsite located between Vernon and Falkland. Not far from home as the crow flys but it included a killer hill that went on forever. Unfortunately Rob was forced to push the heavy bike up part of the hill in 30 degree heat. I helped by giving him encouraging words while walking behind. “It’s not far now Rob. I think it’s just around that bend.”

We forgot a couple of things. One minor and one major. Charging cords for the electronics – minor. Butane for the stove – major. But we are ever so resourceful and we heated up the rice with a shield made out of a solar blanket and even heated up water in a baggie for instant coffee. I’m sure some of you are gagging by now but it was better than going hungry and without coffee.

Dreaming about a hot cup of coffee

The weather was marvelous. A few hiccups but a good learning opportunity. Rob kept us safe, which I am always grateful for. An extra serving for you Rob! No Loire but to be honest a lovely ride.

  • Distance ridden : 38 kms
  • Accommodation: campsite
  • Cost: $25
  • What’s for dinner: Rice & black beans
Hot peppers from the garden

I’ve been playing around with a video editing app called VideoGuru. It’s fairly simple to use and with satisfactory results. Tell me what you think.

8 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. Hi both loved your mini tour, your definitely getting in the groove. You’ve got the bike set up well, nice Ariel panniers.
    Well done on getting around the butane issue. Having the skills to improvise on a bike tour is a must have as you never know what you are going to face each day, but that’s all part of the adventure right!
    Love the videos Leslie

    Carry on cycling 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️

    1. Thanks Julie. It’s all coming together. I think going on the mini trip made it seem that yes, this is really going to happen. Looking forward to booking our plane tickets to make it seem really real.

  2. Loved your video, Leslie and still so impressed with the dedication and focus you two have as you plan for this adventure! Good for you!

    1. Thanks Diane. It’s easy to be dedicated to what you enjoy doing. I hope you had a fun camping trip. Missed being a part of it.

  3. Great job you two crazy people!!!

    Have fun and lots of tired legs!
    Leslie, just make sure Rob peddles and does not just sit on the back lol

    1. No worries there Tony he’s the captain of the ship. I just get get to sit on the back taking pictures and look around.

  4. Good job you two!! Very impressed with your hard work in 30 degree weather, I’m in awe. . Great editing and blog. Keep safe u two!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. I love September camping. Less people and peaceful.

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