A visit to Chuburná Puerto

Precious friends Guillermo and Mili

The hardest part about moving away from the beach was the thought of not being able to see Guillermo and Mili and family as often as we’d like. They are the kindest most genuine people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and becoming friends with. They made living there a richer experience.

They own a small tienda in Chuburná Puerto selling mostly pop and chips and a few other groceries including the smallest jars of mayonnaise I have ever seen. At night they serve tacos, panuchos and tamales etc well into midnight making for an extremely long work day. This is where we would make our way most Saturday evenings . We would sit and watch the local Italica motorcycle gang race up and down the calles, eating tacos and trading jokes with Guillermo. We always went home with a full tummy and a smile on our face.

Soon they started including us in their family celebrations and though at first we were extremely nervous they put us at ease with their kindness and patience and inclusion. The first time we were invited over we knew enough that when he said to come at 8 o’clock he actually meant later. So we would then ask Guillermo, “Do you mean 8 o’clock Canadian time?” And he’d laugh and say, “No, 9 o’clock Mexican time.” We were invited to Christmas dinners, birthday celebrations and their daughters fiesta de quince años special event. Wow, the extravaganza! It was like a wedding.

Mili juniors 15th birthday celebration

Today we took a trip out to the beach as it was Guillermo’s 47th birthday. We thought we were taking them out for lunch but soon we were being served fresh prawns, exquisite pavo en relleno negro, and tortillas. All topped off with a delicious strawberry and chocolate birthday cake. Marvelous!

Guillermos mom arrives daily for lunch while his dad is still working. 12 hr shifts for 500 pesos a day. About 34 Canadian dollars. He’s 72 years old. Their Uncle who lives with them, just retired this year from fishing. He’s 75 and fit as a fiddle.

72 years young

So it was with heavy hearts that we moved away from the beach and away from this lovely family. But for this reason…….

Houses being impacted by coastal erosion
A big step down

The beach is disappearing. Strong waves, winter storms and high tides are changing the coastline. It’s inching closer and closer to the houses, eroding the sand dunes and vegetation. Porches, stairs and house foundations of those who didn’t put in a seawall are being compromised and slowly falling into the sea. And yet they keep on building at waters edge…..

10 thoughts on “A visit to Chuburná Puerto

  1. That is so nice u have met such fabulous and true friends and such hard working people they are. Sad about the houses on the water, waves crushing them down. Thanks for sharing I hope everything is ok this year for them♡

    1. They are a very special family and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives.
      We used to joke that our house might be beachfront one day if the little house in front was washed away. A very real possibility now and no joke.

  2. What a beautiful family and wonderful friendship, Mexican hospitality is the best!
    It’s a real shame about the coastal erosion, so many properties destroyed, we understand why you moved to the city.
    So many weeds in your back yard, it’s amazing how nature will take over if we let it
    Have a great winter in these ☀️
    Warmest wishes

    Julie and Mark

    1. These rising sea levels are a huge concern the world over. We have the ability to move. Some people don’t.
      The weeds are under control and now we have a huge pile of rocks. You’ll be happy to hear we have not lost our electric since it was fixed after you left.

  3. So hoping Chix is no worse than last year for erosion 😱. See you soon 👍👍👍

    1. Let’s hope not. Looking forward to catching up with both of you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely visit with Mili and Guillermo. I love your blogs.

    1. You are welcome Trish. They always ask how you are doing.

  5. Thank you for taking us along in your journey. Ian and I are looking forward to our trip to PV in the new year. We are also really looking forward to coming to your home in 2021.

    1. We are very excited to have you visit us Gloria and Ian. By 2021 we just might have things ready lol

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