Laying low

Chill’n in Chelem

It’s been some time since I’ve felt that we’ve done anything exciting or new enough to report on. We quickly settled into a lazy routine on our return to Mexico. The heat will do that to you. Guilt free siestas are once again becoming a daily occurance.

It’s not like we’ve been doing nothing at all. Rob has been busy in the backyard trying to figure out why every time there is a heavy rain the water doesn’t drain away but instead enters in through our back door. An annoying problem especially during the rainy season.

Upon investigation the reason became clear. As he removed a layer of concrete patio slabs he discovered another layer of concrete under that. And below that a layer of tile. And guess what? Yup. Another layer of concrete below that one! In total 4 layers of concrete and tiles with nowhere for the water to drain. He’s not quite done yet though. Who knows what he might uncover next.

I have been keeping busy painting some rooms and adding some hand stencilling. The problem is I can’t seem to finish up any one room. I flit from one room to the next when a new idea takes shape in my head. I’m very pleased with how some of it is turning out and for the not so pleasing stuff, I just paint over it and start again. We purchased 3 large buckets of paint during a sale. I’m good for awhile.

While housesitting in Chelem at Casa Rosa we had the pleasure of meeting and hosting another cycle tourist who is enjoying a tour of the Yucatan on a Bike Friday. Fred is a seasoned cycle tourist and has many wonderful adventures under his belt. If you are looking for some entertaining reading you can find his posts on crazyguyonabike

Fred and his baby blue

Oh and I guess I do have something exciting to report. We’ve booked our tickets to Paris for our cycle tour. April 24th. Wahoo! Count down is on!

6 thoughts on “Laying low

  1. We are excited to start following your adventure starting End of April!

    1. Thanks. We are excited to get going! This very second I’m in the Yucatan jungle heading to Ek Balam ruins. Fun fun.

  2. Your house is looking beautiful. It’s great you have hosted another touring cyclist, I’m sure he was very appreciative of your wonderful hospitality. I always find it quite nerve racking booking flights as it makes the trip real, now you are on a countdown!

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for the kind words. Fred was a very interesting guy with many interesting stories. Yes it feels good to have the flights booked. It’s all coming together ❤

  3. Dorothy Crandell January 7, 2020 — 8:52 pm

    Great to hear update on your adventures!

    1. Hopefully there will be more to follow!

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