E.T. minus 65

We return to Canada soon and thus I say this with mounting panic in my voice, “THERE’S ONLY 65 DAYS LEFT BEFORE WE LEAVE FOR OUR BIKE TOUR!” We have a plethora of ‘to-dos’ to tick off our list before we depart. I honestly can’t say if we’ll get it all together. Time will tell.

I love lists almost as much as maps

Meanwhile in Mérida…….. we have had a exceptionally pleasant winter. Day after day of sunny skies, warm weather and best of all – no snow! We’ve enjoyed visits from friends both local and abroad. We met a cycle tourer named Fred from Colorado and his wife Ann and in a couple of weeks we are expecting to meet up with some long lost cousins of Robs.

I seized the opportunity to explore Campeche with a dear friend and next week on her return we have planned a tour to the Ek’ Balam ruins. Qué divertido! There is no shortage of new and fascinating places to see and fun things to do in the Yucatan. Hopefully Trish will continue to come here to visit. I shall feed her well:-) If so we should be kept busy for years to come.

“My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been”

Diane Arbus

Filling our bellies with good food is a passion Rob and I share and we spend a fair amount of time contemplating and discussing where we will eat next. We happily discovered some new, delicious cuisine such as exquisite pavo en relleno negro and warm chapata sandwiches made with freshly grated carrots and salty olives.

Our dear friend Maria introduced us to a wonderful little artisan gelato shop where we cooled off with a scoop of cardamom gelato ~ que rico! We also tried blue cheese gelato ~ no que rico! The flavors certainly are unique. Bring plenty of pesos as this place is not cheap. We are looking forward to emptying our pockets next year to try some new flavors.

Decadent & Delicious

As always we continue to beautify and repair the house. A never-ending renovation. In the process we were pleased to find a very talented blacksmith, Herreria y Aluminio Lopez Gonzalez, who works in the neighborhood. He brought much needed light and air flow into our living room by fabricating a new door and he also custom built us some beautiful tables.

Located in Chuminopolis, Mérida

Pleasantly pleasing for me has been my progress in learning Spanish. I found some new videos and podcasts on-line, LightSpeed Spanish but my biggest improvement can be attributed to taking on-line weekly lessons with a enthusiastic teacher. With her encouraging words and positive energy, Natalia has given me the confidence to go out and speak the language. Muchísimas gracias Natalia:-)

Every year whether coming to Mérida or returning home to Canada, we are excited at what life has in store for us. Life is good. As always we are especially excited to see the grandkids and no doubt, to marvel at how big they are all becoming. There’s nothing sweeter than being wrapped in hugs from little ones while they tell you how much they missed you. My priority on our return will be making time for cuddles and stories before we depart for Europe because as we all know………

El tiempo pasa volando ~ time flys. We are trying our darndest to make the most of it.

9 thoughts on “E.T. minus 65

  1. Hi Leslie and Rob
    Not long to go now, you must be getting really excited? Will you be able to get in a some training rides in before you departure or will the weather be too cold?
    You know how much we love blue cheese, we would have loved to try that blue cheese ice-cream!
    Really looking forward to following your tour
    Warmest regards
    Julie and Mark

    1. Hi Julie, yes we are getting very excited! Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for some practice rides as there has been a lot of snow this year. I’m beginning to love blue cheese almost as much as you two! Cheers and see you in June hopefully.

  2. What are wonderful adventurous life!!! Enjoy hearing your experiences and hope we can connect for a visit while you are in Canada!

    1. That would be lovely Dorothy. Are you still going on your adventure this year?

  3. As usual we enjoyed your blog! Wow…your big departure date is fast approaching! So much to look forward to!
    As April said, your place looks beautiful!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! 😊

    1. Thanks Diane. Every day is an adventure!

  4. That was awesome Leslie and Rob thanks for sharing, sounds like a great adventure you are on. Love the black Smith tables they are awesome. I am sure your place is looking amazing one day I hope we get to see it. How long is your trip on the bike in Europe?

    1. Thanks April. Our place is comfortable. We are just putting lipstick on the pig to make it prettier. We’d love a visit from you both if you ever decide to come this way. The neighborhood blacksmith is a real gem.

      1. We will be on tour for just over 2 months starting April 24th Wahoo!

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