Plan ‘B’

My sister used to say, “Things work out. Maybe not the way you had planned, but they work out”.

Isn’t that the truth. Our bicycle adventure to Europe is officially postponed. Most of our anxiety comes from making a decision. Once made there’s a definite sense of relief and then plans can be made moving forward.

Disappointed ~ Yes indeed! Who wouldn’t be. We’ve been preparing and planning for this trip for over a year now. But the ‘what ifs’ kept piling up.

This coronavirus speed bump will have us going in a different direction this summer. We will be sticking closer to home. Except our ‘home’ is being moved off our rv lot so in a sense we’ll be homeless. But hey, we’ve got all the gear for camping!

Let’s hope for good weather.

6 thoughts on “Plan ‘B’

  1. I agree things happen for a reason and everything will work out. I agree with Diane so many places to explore here. You will have a super awesome camping trip with many adventures. And if you need a place when passing threw we have a extra bed too ♡

    1. Thanks April. We will still have a good summer I’m sure.

  2. As Cindy said, all things happen for a reason, and the Coronavirus would definitely be a reason to be cautious. The beauty of this is you will be able to explore ‘your own backyard’ and a beautiful back yard it is! We hope to explore some with you…and we have an extra bed if you need one! 💕

    1. Thanks Diane, we might take you up on the offer. We promise to leave before we start to smell.

  3. Cindy Lawrence March 7, 2020 — 8:18 am

    Sorry to hear that Leslie. There is a reason for everything though, better to be safe than sorry right! You could always visit the west coast of Vancouver Island 🙂 The camping is great here!!

    1. Oh yes we will definitely be coming to the Island. It doesn’t rain there right?

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