Safe at home

Wow life can change so quickly! After agonizing over whether to cancel our bike tour to Europe and setting in motion plan ‘B’, we have now moved on to plan ‘C’. Stay at home. At this rate, by June we could be up to letter ‘Q’.

Thankfully we remain healthy, somewhat warm and well fed. It feels strange to be of the age, ‘seniors‘, where we are considered to be at a greater risk from covid19, especially since we feel so young.

On a more serious note I am at a loss for words to express my concern for the people we know, as well as those we don’t, who are suffering dearly during this global pandemic. Let us be supportive of one another during this crisis. Above all let us choose to be kind.

I’ll finish with a video of our 2 weeks spent in isolation. We didn’t find it too much of a challenge as we enjoy each others company. It helped that we had a good supply of chocolate on hand. Stay well everyone.

2 thoughts on “Safe at home

  1. Enjoying your blogs.👍. Where are you staying – obviously not in your RV. All is well at this end. One week left of quarantine. Thank goodness for a yard, at least we can get out for fresh air.
    Be safe & keep in touch.

    Sent from my iPad

    1. We are staying in a hotel until Tuesday. Too cold to be staying in the rv. Stay well you two.

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