Provincial Park Cruise

I have many fond memories of camping both from my childhood and later on with our own kids. A good amount of our camping took place at Provincial Parks or Forestry campsites back before you could reserve a site, at least at a Provincial Park. It was always a crapshoot whether you would be successful in securing a spot but it added to the excitement of camping. I believe there was only one time when we were turned away.

I have mixed feelings about the reservation system. Some parks don’t offer it but the majority do and in the more popular parks almost all of the sites are reservable with very few first come first serve spots set aside. You are forced to plan well ahead as sites book up quickly and plus you pay an extra fee for reserving.

No more nervous anticipation on your arrival of possibly seeing the ‘campsite full’ sign hanging out or the fun of driving around the park looking for the ‘perfect’ spot. However in all honesty, on our last excursion, we were pretty happy to have a reserved site on our last night of camping.

This year based on the theme of vacationing close to home we planned a 5 night get away on the motorcycle exploring a few of the Provincial Parks we’ve never been to before. British Columbia has the second largest parks system in Canada, 3rd in North America, covering approximately 12% of the land area of B.C. We have a lot of exploring left to do!

Enjoy part 1 of the video in our series ‘Out & About’ on our latest excursion exploring beautiful British Columbia and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to see future videos.

2 thoughts on “Provincial Park Cruise

  1. Great trip, Leslie. Glad the weather co operated. And for anyone who likes trains, there were lots of those as well! 😊

    1. It was a lovely trip and the trains weren’t that much of a bother in all honesty.

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