The End

I’ve never felt comfortable putting my thoughts down on paper. For one, I’m a terrible speller and I’m constantly in angst that I’ll, gasp, spell a word wrong! What will people think! I also struggle with finding the right words to express myself adequately.

I originally started this blog to document our adventures and to keep family and friends updated with our life. Kind of like a yearly Christmas newsletter but with pictures.

Meanwhile I’ve found another medium that I absolutley love to work with. Where my creative side feels happy. Editing a video and putting it to music to tell a story is very gratifying.

So I am closing this blog but if you are at all curious about what shenanigans we are up to and would like to see the occasional, entertaining update on our adventures, you may want to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or not. The choice, as always, is yours. Thanks for your support and tagging along. Stay well everyone.

Link to YouTube Channel:

A double rainbow! What can it mean?

The sanest people are those happily unafflicted with ambition, who want only to work at some useful job, to love someone and live in a nice place with some wind chimes on the porch

Tim Kreider

4 thoughts on “The End

  1. Gorgeous rainbow….must mean more adventures are on the way! 😊

    1. Reminds me of this funny video I saw of a guy who was beside himself excited and emotional on seeing a double rainbow.

  2. Leslie, I love your blogs and your writing! It was always a high lite of my day to read about your shenanigans and look at your videos and I look forward to following your adventures on YouTube!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Diane. I appreciate your support! Looking forward to more future adventures.

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